Ola Pehrson Foundation

The Foundation’s Mission

The Ola Pehrson Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been established to document the artistic practice of Ola Pehrson and assist in making his work available to the public.

Ola Pehrson tragically died in a car accident in 2006 when his artist career started to gain a wide international recognition. After the accident, the work has been focused on allocating art works, generating descriptions for the installations and gather as much information as possible around his artistic practice.

The mission is to maintain a foundation where knowledge and information is organised for artists, curators, scholars and others who are interested in his art practice. The Ola Pehrson Foundation is continuously collaborating with art institutions that are interested in including his art works in exhibitions.

Model from the work
Hunt for the Unabomber
Members of the Board

Anneli Bäckman, Chair
Karen Diamond, Vice Chair
Thomas Broomé
Joa Ljungberg
Björn Pehrson
Pontus Raud

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