Ola Pehrson Foundation

Momentum 8

July 09, 2015

13 June – 27 September 2015

The film Hunt of the Unabomber (part of the larger installation) was presented at the 8th Momentum Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Momentum explored tunnel vision as a cultural and artistic condition. “Today’s networked culture not only generates hyper connectivity, but also various disconnects. People and communities can thrive in bubbles of their own. Momentum 8 focuses on artists and cultural producers who inhabit worlds of their own logic and follow their thoughts all the way through.”

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Port Izmir 3

April 09, 2015

21 March – 21 June 2014


The city of Izmir and its ecology (in its original Greek meaning of the scientific study of the interactions between organisms and between organisms and their environment) served as the overarching theme for PORTIZMIR3 in Turkey.

The works Birthday Party, Cookbook+ (menus) and the video documentation of NASDAQ Vocal Index was shown in the triennial curated by Saša Nabergoj.

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