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Ola Pehrson: Retrospective/Retrospektiv

Ola Pehrson Retrospective is the first monograph on the artist to be published. The book includes a range of essays, as well as documentation of his most important artworks, together providing valuable insight into Ola Pehrson’s artistic legacy. Ola Pehrson’s (1964-2006) public breakthrough came in the late nineties with the multi-media installation Yucca Invest Trading Plant, a humorous and multifaceted work dealing with the financial market. In his oeuvre we move between large-scale systems, such as the global economy and mass media, and the intimate sphere of the home. At the core we find a keen interest in human behaviour and what controls it, as well as a deep fascination for human perception. The suburban villa that was his childhood home appears in different guises throughout his body of work, like in the installation Birthday Party, a reconstruction of his mother’s sixty-fifth birthday. His last work, Hunt for the Unabomber, garnered wide international acclaim when it was presented at the 2005 Istanbul Biennial. In 2006, at the height of his international career, Ola Pehrson was tragically killed in a car accident.

Editors: Anneli Bäckman, Joa Ljungberg, Sasa Nabergoj
Writers: Sasa Nabergoj, Nada Beros, Thomas Broomé, Karen Diamond, Karin Hansson, November Paynter, Joa Ljungberg, Anneli Bäckman, Takuji Kogo & Björn Pehrson.

183 pp. 42 pp ills.
English, Swedish
165 mm x 240 mm

Graphic design: Matilda Plöjel
Art and Theory Publishing
ISBN: 9789198087413

The publication has received generous support from:

  • Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden
  • Kungliga Akademien för de fria konsterna, Göran Lagervalls stiftelse
  • Kulturrådet
Publication | 2014 |