Ola Pehrson Foundation

The Retrospective Project

The idea of creating a solo exhibition that presents the key works of Ola Pehrson was initiated by Ola himself together with curator Saša Nabergoj in 2004. The exhibition was initially planned to take place at the Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana and at the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2006, Ola Pehrson tragically passed away in a car accident. After a period of shock, Saša Nabergoj felt it important to continue with the work and invited Joa Ljungberg, curator who early acknowledged Ola Pehrson’s work and started to include him into her shows from the late 90’s. Anneli Bäckman who had been given the responsibility to represent the artistic heritage and create a structure around the legacy, joined the team as a production manager in early 2007.

The exhibition has now transformed into a retrospective presenting the majority of Ola Pehrson’s work. So far, the exhibition has been presented in Ljubljana and Belgrade according to the original plans and will be shown at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, 2 September – 8 November, 2009.

An important part of the retrospective project is a publication that gathers a variety of essays that deals with the art practice of Ola Pehrson. For more information on the publication.

Färgfabriken, Stockholm

2 Sep. – 8 Nov. 09

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Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana
Salon, Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art

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