Ola Pehrson Foundation

Birthday Party


2000 (1:10)
Wood, prints, TVs, DVD:s, dvd-players.

2003 (1:20)
Wood, prints, DVD, computer, projector.

Birthday Party (2000) (1:10)

Birthday Party (2000) (1:10)
A reconstruction of the party from the artists mother’s 65th birthday on March 16, 2000. Ten cameras documented the party, and the films were later screened in the windows of a wooden model of the suburban villa. Sounds from the party pour out of the windows and create a party-like atmosphere.The model is covered with photographs from the exterior of the house to give an impression of a three-dimensional photograph. It measures 2x1x1 metres.The following year the artist made a 1:15 version and in 2003 the size had diminished to 1:20. Like memory itself the work keeps getting smaller and smaller and the sound is getting more and more silent, making it harder to specify any meaning from the fragments of statements that occasionaly penetrate the party sound.

Birthday Party (2003) (1:20) Photo: Rainer Iglar
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