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hunt for the unabomber


Sculptural installation: 125 objects, DVD

Courtesy: Moderna Museet, Stockholm

hunt for the unabomber is a reconstruction of a Discovery Channel documentary about the American terrorist Theodore John Kaczynski – code-named “The Unabomber” by the FBI – a former professor of mathematics, who, from 1978 to 1995, carried out a bombing campaign against people who, in one way or another, were connected to technology. Using simple materials such as play dough, cardboard, pieces of plastic and various forms of junk, the artist recreated the individual scenes of the documentary as three-dimensional objects. He then filmed the props in the correct order of appearance, and in the interview sections he himself appears, dressed and disguised, as the interviewed police officers, psychologists, etc. The result is a homemade reconstruction of the original film in which only the original soundtrack remains intact.

Photo: Åsa Lundén, Moderna Museet
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